Some of our Vendors and their partners:
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  • AEC Inc.
    Associated Equipment Logo
    HVAC Distributor
    (Goodman, Daikin, Amana)

    Having eleven locations throughout Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, they provide quality service, and product lines we know we can trust, tried and true.
    • AEC Corporate Office
    • 1922 Elm Tree Drive
    • Nashville, TN 37210
    • Hours of Operation: 7am-5pm, Monday-Friday
    • Phone 615-885-2131
    • Fax 615-885-2295
  • Daikin
    Daikin Logo
    Daikin North America
    Daikin is the World's No. 1 air conditioning company. Our products are sold in over 140 countries, including throughout North America. Since the early 1930’s, they've worked to realize a better environment and quality of life through providing heating and cooling solutions.
  • Ferguson
    Ferguson HVAC & Plumbing Supply
    • Safety - Accountable for our own safety and the safety of others​.
    • People - Recruit passionate people and provide excellent development opportunities​.
    • Service - Source great products, provide unrivaled service and build enduring relationships to deliver value to our customers​.
    • Integrity - Act fairly, honestly and with integrity​.
    • Results - Have high expectations and drive performance to deliver excellent results​.
    • Innovation - Encourage innovation to improve our customers’ solutions​.
  • nextVendor
    nextVendor offers all types of marketing managment. They handle everything from physical mailings, digital marketing and social media marketing, even mailing subscriber lists. Reach tens of thousands potentially new clients TOMORROW! Rest easy, not wondering if your spending your money in the right places. Don't waste your time tuning keywords. Don't let Google ruin your weekend, send us a line. We've got this!
  • Carter Services, LLC.
    Carter Services, LLC.
    Carter Services, LLC.
      -D.B.A. Hiwassee Chase AirSystems,
       -D.B.A. Carter Heat & Air Conditioning
    The technicians at Carter Heat & Air Conditioning are trained and equipped to handle anything from routine HVAC maintenance & repairs on a residential system to complete turnkey installations for commercial environments. Carter Heat & Air Conditioning offers your family or business the best heating and cooling products and HVAC services, combined with a level of customer service that will exceed your expectations.

    Free Estimates!

    Give em a call today, they will help you through the entire process, start to finish. As South East Tennessee's choice for heating and air conditioning services, they can make you a priority since they always aim to please with quality service and reliable HVAC products.

What we offer:

The main feature of what our service provides is inventory tracking and managment. We also offer an encrypted messaging service between users, to allow secure communications that are not susceptible to unauthorized viewing. Other features that our inventory system will flaunt, including sending FSP requests directly to your Vendors for immediate processing. It will also maintain an archive of all Requests, Purchase Orders, and all Equipment Stickers, providing an audit trail for accountability.

Secure by design
   SSL Encryption from start to finish. Even with the keys, it's tough to decrypt our info! Even our private messaging system is encrypted. We store all our data in an encrypted form. From every endpoint, you are protected.
   With our inventory tracking and managment software, you will have access to an audit trail. You'll know when where why how much, and by whom!
Free Trial Available Give us a call today.
   Even for commercial clients, we offer a free trial. We believe in our software and think you can too. If you give us just 7% of your trust, we will earn the other 93%! Give us a call today.
Business Automation
   Do the same thing,the same way, everytime. You aren't interested in cutting jobs, or downsizing. Why is this for you? Think about the feeling of security you will have when you can rest assured that your process is being followed. Cut and Dry, get it done right, the first time, everytime!
Freedom & Flexability
   We are able to help you develop your own automation solutions, that you can own on premise. We have managed custom solutions available as well.

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Here at [NXT] you can rest assured that your data is safe, and your files are protected. We have an A+ SSL rating independantly tested by Qualsys Labs.

We also offer a cloud backup system, using NextCloud hosted on a managed server for you to keep all your files synced across your devices. You can even add users from your organization to help facilitate collaboration, share important documents, media files, or other critical data to clients, co-workers, friends, or family, whoever is important to you!

  • Inventory ManagementHVAC Warehouse

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