We offer refurbished systems. Including:

  • Handhelds,
  • Laptops,,
  • All-in-Ones
  • Desktops,
  • Notebooks,
  • and select Phones and Tablets.

Have a look through our products below to see some of them. If you are interested in a specific item, please drop us a line to let us know.

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Experiencing slow speeds? Did your system used to perform much better? Wonder whats causing the sluggishness? Tired of the office calling every other saturday because there headsets stopped working? Wondering if your system specs meet the requirements for the software you have to install? Ready to hook up the new computer in the kids den, or set up a new commercial site with 100 devices? No worries, call us today for a free estimate. We offer sales, support, and Service.

  • Find comfort in knowing that issues that hide from common users, will be found with our specialized malware and virus scanners.
  • Rest assured, we care about your security. We will inform you of vulnerabilities we find during our Security Hardening Tests, and offer solutions to patch them up.
  • We will provide an honest and transparent explanation of the Health Status of your system.

We offer brand name equipment at discounted rates. To get the best pricing, you should check out our custom builds page. There we use select parts from leading manufacturers, while saving you every dime we can.

Get your own Raspberry Pi 3, or buy one for the child coder in your life. This British Backed Single Board Computer, is affordable, compact, and super easy to learn on. Getting this thing running is almost as simple as just connected the power. I mean, it doesn't even need a power switch to turn it on! These boards were developed with one goal in mind, Affordability. They wanted to bring the gift of CODE to the world with a cost effective model. This resulted in the first Raspberry Pi. Since then, we have ended up with more than 6 different modals, each getting better, and more powerful. They have SBC's in multiple footprints (sizes).

Maybe it's time for a new Chromebook for school, or a notebook for coursework. Maybe you need a Handheld POS Solution. Whatever your needs, we can provide a solution. We have Custom Systems that are turn-key solutions.

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